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Personal experience: I gave birth at home

While some women, immediately after seeing the cherished two strips on the pregnancy test, puzzled by the choice of clinic and doctor who will have to deliver a baby, and studying a ton of information on the Internet, collecting feedback about the best hospitals, and proper conditions for them, others make a choice in favor of home childbirth. Someone decides to give birth at home because already had a very bad experience at the clinic (unqualified doctors and appalling attitude of the staff), someone from one hospital walls faints and thinks he can just relax in peace at home surrounded by loved ones. Supporters and opponents of home birth argue, speaking, respectively, for and against having children in the home. Editor SPLETNIK.RU talks about his experience of home deliveries.

Choice midwives

I say at once that I gave birth in the United States. However, hardly there will be significant differences with Russia — it still will be about home birth, not birth in the clinic. The difference, perhaps, only in the fact that in the USA it is common practice, and in our country, to the emergence of the baby born in the home cautiously.

Choice midwives I was puzzled in advance. The difficulty here mainly lies in what to choose in General had on a whim, so to speak, guided by feelings and on a hunch (looking ahead, I will say that it did not fail me). Distance in this case proved to be a hindrance, because to speak and meet with those who will be delivering your baby, much in advance will not work (well, unless you are ready to fly to USA for the sake of Dating).

As I was looking for? First, in certain circumstances to give birth, I decided in Seattle, so my search was considerably narrowed. Secondly, midwives in the United States, as a rule, cooperate with the so-called birth center (birthing centers, but nothing to do with our hospitals they don’t). Here through one of these centres I found them and using the listed contacts, and soon contacted them.

The cost

Perhaps not the lowest price — one of the main reasons that stops many people from birth abroad. In the US, however, with the cost of the contract for delivery it’s pretty ambiguous — the price can vary several times. I’ll explain why.

First, as you know, each state has its own taxes, respectively, and all prices can be very different. While in Miami, where the business put on stream, to give birth in the hospital can be six to eight thousand dollars (approximately half of the amount you pay for the contract with the doctor, another part for the stay in the hospital), in Washington state, for example, it may cost you twice the price.

Birth at your home are much cheaper. First, you do not need to pay the hospital bill. But secondly, the services of midwives are cheaper than a doctor. For example, I contract at a cost of three thousand dollars (I gave birth in 2015). It included several visits and inspections before delivery, smear, childbirth, and two visits by midwives after.

A few words about the maternity centers. If you stand up for natural childbirth but to give birth at home do not want (for example, afraid to scare the neighbors), you can safely go there. With the medical facility nothing they did not have, they resemble a very nice apartment. There is everything you need: luxury beds, Jacuzzi, exercise balls, and even mini-pools — in short, everything that the birth was as comfortable as possible.

However, despite all these bonuses, the price for the rental of such centers, in my opinion, much too high. To get there you can already directly in combat (you appear together with the midwives, who opened the centre almost with you, the rest of the time it is closed), and need to go a few hours after delivery. Will cost you childbirth there is still additional three thousand dollars (for that amount in USA you can rent a good house for a month).

First meeting and introduction

My midwife’s name was Sarah Yemans and Jennifer Bolter. Before I made the final decision and flew to the United States, we talked several times by phone and discussed all the details of the contract, I questioned in detail, it will be enough information in my exchange card and results of all tests and ultrasound, which I did, nabludal in Moscow female consultations (that I was especially concerned, as even the most harmless analysis in the United States costs about a hundred dollars, not to mention ultrasound, which can easily cost in the three hundred) and, being assured, anything extra I will not need to do besides blood test (it was a condition in the contract was not included), I went on the most exciting journey in life.

Our first meeting with Sarah (Jennifer was on vacation) was a little like a dialogue between patient and doctor. We met and talked about this and that like I generally did not come in for my physical and just to chat. Then, as in our antenatal she measured my blood pressure, measured her belly and took blood.

It is worth noting that “work” midwives agree, not with all patients, but only with those who have low risk of adverse pregnancy outcome, in other words, with perfectly healthy (childbirth with midwives not assume any anaesthesia or caesarean section or any other surgery). I was one of them.

My only problem the entire pregnancy was slightly reduced hemoglobin, which, however, happens almost every third pregnant woman. In my state, is, by the way, had no impact — I felt great, until the last were daily several kilometers, swam in the pool and did exercises.

The blood test results and contingencies

But, my blood work was ready, and he, so to speak, not very satisfied with my midwives. In fact, they almost sounded the alarm — my hemoglobin count, though was only slightly below normal, them, however, was all excited. I urgently appointed four procedures for the infusion of iron intravenously. And all anything, Yes, but it was worth it all in the order of thousands of dollars. To refuse, by the way, was not — because then I would not have considered giving birth with low risk and midwives could refuse to work with me (birth in the hospital would cost me many times more expensive).

In General, agreeing on this, as I thought, useless procedure, I went to the other end of the city, where I met a nice doctor-Asian and her had Slavic roots husband. Not feeling any changes in my condition (I was still cheerful as before), I nevertheless made one more infusion. Deciding on this, perhaps you can finish my unplanned treatment and good save, the other two I politely declined. Fortunately, strongly insist no one, but my hemoglobin, by the way, and especially not rose.

Preparation for childbirth

Who gave birth in the hospital, knows that there is a need to take certain things that may be needed during the process, and in the first few days of stay in the hospital.

For home birth should also prepare in advance. So, a few days before the day I went to the store, but not for children (although there is, of course, also visited, to refrain from buying all these cutest baby costumes is simply impossible!), and… in the commercial. The list, compiled by the midwives, for example, means a cellophane film in rolls to cover her floor in the apartment.

In addition, I recommend that you buy protein bars, chocolate, nuts, bananas, fruit purees, jellies and other high-calorie carbohydrate foods. All this, according to Sarah and Jennifer, I was there during the birth, so I have enough strength and energy. I do not compare with anything, but as far as I know, we have in hospitals is not a particularly permitted.

About the diapers, vests and caps for newborns, of course, needless to say purchase all this, of course, I have attended too.


Under the terms of the contract, call the midwives have followed, if the water broke, the contractions became regular (every four minutes), or if something went wrong (e.g., high fever, etc.). In my case it was contractions, so when they do become common, I called my midwives.

During the birth were allowed to do everything: to walk, to lie, to stand, to take a bath. Your body knows what to do (“Your body knows what to do”) and Listen to your body (“Listen to your body”) is perhaps the main mottos of the event. About myself I can say that I’m all births (and they lasted almost 12 hours) took place, as for me it was more comfortable.

The birth was also attended by a young graduate student (of course, first asked my consent, nothing against I had), which periodically gave me a lumbar massage, well, in General, strongly encouraged, that, as it seemed to me, very helpful.

Oh, by the way, is not wanted at all, and all purchased food and lay in the refrigerator, much to the dismay of Sarah and Jennifer.

At 8:18 am Pacific time, 8 September 2015 the light appeared my son Luke.


After birth one of the midwives stayed with us for a couple of hours to make sure that everything is in order and we all together feel good. Even in hospitals abroad is not taken long to keep patients after giving birth. If all is well, write the next day. Therefore, in the fact that Kate Middleton is already a few hours after the birth of each of his children appeared in public, in fact, is not surprising. I am on the same day as the birth, for example, ran into Starbucks for your favorite cappuccino (and Yes, coffee nursing mothers in the US to drink not forbid it, but that’s another topic).

Two weeks after the birth we again met up with Sarah — she came to us under the terms of the contract. I wonder what she cared about not only the baby’s health, but my emotional state. I honestly did not realize what she is asking your questions about my mood. Already then guessed that it was about postpartum depression, which often occurs in young mothers. Fortunately, I passed, and I learned about it only from stories on the network.


In conclusion, I just want to say that my birth experience at home was very successful and I did not regret that it went that way. But in any case do not want to encourage everyone to give birth at home. Remember that the important thing is the health of mother and baby, and if there is the slightest threat to him, its better not to risk and to go to the doctors.

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