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Persistent Abe

Настойчивый Абэ

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has won, like, a major victory in the battle for public opinion of his country — more than 53 percent of his countrymen spoke in support of first to a smaller part of Southern Kuriles, Shikotan and Habomai ridge. And then to continue negotiations on the remaining major Islands of Iturup and Kunashir. This variant of public opinion considers what tends to Prime Minister Abe in secret negotiations with Moscow.

Radical approach on the formula of “four Islands return at once” was supported by only 28.6 percent of respondents held very moderate and markedly neutral news Agency “Kyodo”. In short, most Japanese people, it seems, chooses a solution in the negotiations with Russia on the model of the Soviet-Japanese Declaration of 1956 (Shikotan and Habomai following the conclusion of the contract) with a kind of hazy appendage in the form of continuation of consultations on Kunashir-Iturup.

According to the survey, by the way, this option poggiali more than 60 percent of supporters of the ruling liberal democratic party. Which is especially important for persistent Prime Minister Abe, who for more than two decades met with President Vladimir Putin.

However, gaining public support, of course, does not guarantee that talks with Moscow will move to the solution which was chosen by more than 53 percent of survey participants Kyodo.

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