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Perpetual motion: Anna Sedokova sleeps little, works a lot and is not afraid to age


Doctors and beauticians claim that you need to sleep at least eight hours, otherwise wrinkles, bags under the eyes, gray complexion, and chronic fatigue are provided. Anna Sedokova not one of those who adhere to these rules.


In his Instagram, the singer admitted that sleeps only four hours, but it feels great and looks “100”.


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“People often ask me, why do you work so much? And where are the forces? Yesterday hardly fell asleep at 3, woke up at 7 in 30 minutes before the alarm. He wrote to his Director of production, one technical issue that kept me awake yesterday — 7 am, Olga did not sleep))) Wrote to the Director — 7.30 Cyril sleeps in the hall talking. Head of safety already on the road, designer, seamstress, designer, go to the office, the photoshoot is already preparing … the People who surround you — that’s the secret of your constant motion! If they burn, do not sleep, maniacal with you and it will work. If they don’t let you sleep in the evening their plans for the future, not running away early — you will succeed ! And even when you leave for a moment the forces — they’ll pull you by the scruff and shove in a new day) Surround yourself with people who #MATTER what they do! Those who absorb every second of this life!!! Greedily and ruthlessly” — shared the star (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Anna has repeatedly said that can not live without work. According to Sedokova, being a housewife is not for her. The singer believes that a woman, even if she is a wife and mother, I should not forget about yourself and realize in life.


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