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Peroxide population

Перекись населения

In the middle of the seventh decade I’m not easy to surprise. But then I’m not even surprised, and shocked. Mean the almost unanimous negative reaction of his countrymen in a recent speech to the UN, and the phenomenon of Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old Swedish eco-activist. Looking today in a private FB and Twitter, and discovered placers of the people’s hatred — from the boorish “in a psychiatric hospital that thing!” and the tender “what a nasty girl” to compassionate “adult PR on my sick child” and a sarcastic “it is clear who is behind this project.”

Greta, really, the girl is not quite normal — very confident, stubborn, passionate and hard-hitting. At age 11 she’s got Asperger’s syndrome is, as I understand it, a kind of autism; hinders communication. Thus on the physical abilities of a person, this syndrome is not affected in any way, and intellectual ability even increases. The theme of Greta Thunberg — global warming and not enough “adult” (governments and business) to fight it. Politicians, and it is in the face of calls “traitors” and people stealing her future and future generations. With this and no one really argues.

In its condemnation of Greta Thunberg Russians have shown incredible unity: together watered her and progressives and conservatives, and all and Sundry. (Waiting in solidarity texts from Yulia Latynina and Alexander Prokhanov). A few sympathizers, like me, a bewildered wondering — why the “Haight-parade”?! Some write that of the total retardation of ecological consciousness in Russia. Others believe it is a consequence of the complete lack of rights “of persons with special needs” (children in the first place) in the state where they are doomed to “spetsusloviya” and the outcast. Undoubtedly, both takes place. But I would call another reason. Unhappy people of the country of Putin and Sobchak — the country is extremely perverted and morally rotten to the core, simply does not believe in honest and sincere impulses. See all buy/sell, lies and selfish intent — the same cynical PR. Well, we have the only way.

However, even these three factors cannot fully explain such indiscriminate frenzy of educated Russians — there is something else. Don’t know how, but I can guess. Perhaps this “future”. After all, a battle for the future overshadowed by this the children’s crusade — Greta Thunberg and millions of her young followers. Yes, they skip school for pickets and demonstrations, but what do they math, if they take away the main thing — the air, water, life! They still believe in change and want to fight! And can win… And most of the local citizens, as I could see, one thought about the future causes violent heartburn and subconscious panic.

Artemy Troitsky, journalist, worker of subculture

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