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Perfect press and embossed body: the main rules of the sport Kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

Last month 45-year-old Kate Beckinsal have often admired their fans. And it’s not only in its gorgeous images and very successful outfits. In addition to its excellent taste and sense of style, star has shown relief chiseled figure, which she works hard every day (and the result is evident!). Show you how to achieve a perfect press, narrow waist and taut buttocks as Kate.


As recognized by the actress, before she was very fond of yoga. However, in the last couple of years she began to give preference to far more intense exercises.

I love yoga. Before, I only were doing it. But intense workouts really changed my life,

she says.

Among the favorite types of workouts Kate beckinsale — circular. These classes involve all muscle groups and helps burn maximum calories.

I have a lot of energy, and sport helps me to guide her in the right direction. With training, I find some balance. I’ve never been in such form, as now,

she says.


Engaged in the same cate very often — 5-6 times a week, and does so under the supervision of well-known celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, whose clients were amber heard, and Jennifer Lopez and many other celebrities.

According to star, she alternates between circuit training with cardio.

What I like best is that you are doing the same exercise for a long time and it does not have time to get bored. When you understand that more can not force him to do, turn comes next,

— says Beckinsale.




Another tip from Kate is to exercise in the morning, even if you are an avid owl.

My usual day looks like this: I protypes, have Breakfast and go to the gym. Prefer to deal in the morning. Of course, I would like to go to bed at four in the morning and get up at noon, but unfortunately, it does not happen.

Well, of course, do not neglect stretching, which should be done after any workout.


Here the actress is no secret. It’s pretty simple — its eating a balanced and clean. Kate admits to not drink alcohol, eats a lot of vegetables (loves roasted Brussels sprouts and broccoli), and prefers chicken and fish.

I have long been a vegetarian, but during the filming of “pearl Harbor” (Pearl Harbor), I realized that I don’t have the energy, and the coach with whom I worked, told me to eat fish and chicken,

— says the star.

By the way, with her on the same principle eats and her 19-year-old daughter, Lily.

Not sports uniform

However, one gym Kate is not restricted. It generally is a big fan of active lifestyle — the actress loves Cycling and many walks.

What is the secret of her beautiful appearance? Of course, happiness! For more than a year the actress is Dating a young boyfriend, 23 — year-old Matt Rife — and it looks really beautiful as ever.


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