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Perch priglyadno

Fishing priglyadno is popular in small bodies of water, not particularly deep. In order to fully control the action of the lure, you should choose coastal areas with depths up to five feet.

Experienced anglers take a promising place in advance, during the fall catch — the position of the coastal vegetation, submerged snags, fallen trees, and other potentially promising areas visible to the naked eye. Such places should be sh in the first place.

An important role is played by the nature of the surface ice in the fishing spot. When fishing occurs on clear ice, on top, on top of that, the sun shines brightly on the fish bites, you can forget. You should choose places with frosted or covered with snow ice, good masking of the angler.

In the beginning typically the drill in all directions a series of holes that includes 10-12 pieces. The distance between 5-7 meters, the activity of perch that is enough. In any case it is impossible to “pump” the hole ice screws — any noise can scare the fish. Instead, the auger should be carefully remove without clearing the hole in the ice.
After the area is fishing ready, each hole with a wooden stick make a small hole diameter does not exceed 5-6 inches. This is enough to visually control the process of fishing, and at the same time not to frighten the fish.

After a short time take a fishing rod in his hands and catch. First of all, you need to clearly understand that excessive noise means almost instant cessation of the biting. The slightest knock, whether it dropped on the ice skimmer or inadvertently set the box, is able to frighten away the fish. It is for this reason the hole should be approached very cautiously and silently. To sit in the hole should also in a special way: the shadow from the angler should fall on the hole, blocking the sunlight.

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Before starting fishing, you should throw in the hole 5-7 bloodworm. Nothing attracts the bass better than slowly sinking bloodworm! And even if fish from the beginning is not visible, a few minutes later, the first “scouts” begin to appear in the hole.

To start the game the jig should be from the top, literally from the edge of the hole, slowly lower the bait to the bottom. If the field of view appeared fish, the pace should be slow — playing should be such as to give the bass a chance to grab her. When the fish can not be solved on the grip, lower the jig to the bottom and knock on it, raising a cloud of turbidity. This technique is also very often helps — bass grabs the lure from the bottom.

The nature of the game is determined only by the preferences of the fish. Should be constant experimentation and determine the transaction to which the fish react best. When bass are active, it responds perfectly in a sharp and aggressive game seeing fleeing food, fish just can’t stop and excitedly rushes after him. Conversely, if the bass is passive, to provoke him to bite can only be slow and measured game with frequent stops — almost one that is used when fishing for bream.

Very often a situation arises when perch are in a circle and watch the jig. The spectacle is fascinating — the whales move back and forth in the jig, not daring to touch. However, it is one of them to show the intention to eat it, as a “Wake up” all other perch — then, as they say, who had — and he ate. To provoke the fish to bite in this situation is quite simple — we just need to change the tactics posting. For example, after a long monotonous game, jig, finely trembling, begins to “run” smoothly while accelerating. Perch see fleeing prey and give chase and immediately transferred on ice.

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As damping biting, switch to the new hole. To catch up to the end of the fish is not worth it — easier to let the hole rest, pre-pour a pinch of bloodworms. It will take quite some time — and the bass will definitely come back here.

Any specifics for catching priglyadno does not exist. It’s the same rod with a jig equipped with a miniature bait and thin line. The difference concerns only the registration of the bite: since the game is the jig visible to the naked eye, many anglers refuse to nod, fixing the line with cambrica. Such a set is a more rigid and better transmits the vibrations to the lure. Slightly different and the jig: in addition to visual appeal for the perch, it needs to be clearly visible in the hole. The user should choose compact jigs with built-in “crown” made of copper or brass. Heavy lures are not required — fishing in shallow water involves the use of very small and light lures present in the Arsenal of the angler.

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