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Per share from the Kremlin detained feminists

За акцию у Кремля задержаны феминистки On the banner of feminists was written “200 years men in power – off!”.

Wednesday, March 8, seven people were detained during the action of feminists in the center of Moscow.

“Moscow and St. Petersburg feminists, #seized the Kremlin and congratulate you on March 8,” wrote Facebook in a participant Catherine Nenasheva. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to her, were detained at least five people, including a photographer for the newspaper Novaya Gazeta. They were taken to OVD China-a city.

According to Nenasheva, March 8, the city planned several shares, however, about where they will be held, and how will their contents, she said nothing.

“Girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg have teamed up today to show – we are many, we continue to talk and not afraid to do that. The slogans in the rally were specifically selected with a naive shades, they are quite simple, but, unfortunately, it is often relevant only in certain communities,” – said Nenashev in conversation with Bi-bi-si.

“Now the Kremlin is still a few shares, the documentation will appear in social networks,” she added.

Later it became known that they had arrested seven people: activist Elena Tishchenko, Alexander Orlov, Marina Timofeev, Ledoux Garin, photographer Arkman Arden and Novaya Gazeta journalists Elena Kostyuchenko and Anna Artemyev.

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