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People were asked to smear on bread statistics

Народу предложили мазать на хлеб статистические данные

Last week our President during his visit to India said that the growth of real wages in Russia has reached record levels already in 2012 and amounted to 8.7%.

Needless to say this has caused a flurry of snide comments online. “I would like to live in that Russia, which tells us Putin”, “after All we still have naive people who believe Rosstat”.

But the President himself explained during the summer the straight line that the statistics cannot be taken on personal experience. They say if you do not feel positive changes, it does not mean that statistics lie.

However, statistics is a complex science and cunning. There are a huge number of ways to present the real facts one way or the other. In terms of the same facts, the government is able to prove that we are all thriving and growing, and our opposition to say that soon we all will come crawling to the cemetery.

But the average person does not smear on the bread figures. He assesses the current state of Affairs in their everyday reality. And the reality of this lately isn’t good. When it comes to the level of salaries in the regions are usually called plug 15000-25000 rubles, and it has not changed since 2012. Of course, the statistics shows the average salary in the region of twenty thousand more. And this average salary increases regularly, while the money that people get physically on hand, remain the same. And in some cases reduced. Why is this happening?

If the leaders of the region want to report on the implementation of the different decrees and resolutions, offers a lot of useful tools. You can, for example, to monetize the benefits. That is, to reduce benefits, remove, say, free travel or something else, but instead to raise the salaries by a few percent. Formally, people to be a little more, but in reality the quality of life is considerably reduced.

You can raise the bet size, but to transfer employees to part-time or even a third. It is possible to raise wages at the expense of a sharp reduction in the number of employees. The remaining will receive, say, ten percent more, and work twice. Increasing quickly inflation will eat, whereas a higher load will remain. And the person will feel that he was sorely underpaid.

Therefore, the gap between the triumphant top and life itself with each passing day it becomes more obvious to a growing number of citizens. While the statistics about the increase in real wages, the reality informs that the effective demand falls, the huge shopping malls are empty, the debt of the population for loans is growing, and the ability to find part-time work have been exhausted.

This is the result of financial-economic block of the government over the past six years. Political analysts are surprised that people were waiting for change of economic policy after the presidential election. Although what is there to wonder? First, people are not waiting, and just said that the current course does not suit them and they want a change of government.

Secondly, all so-called “Kremlin propaganda” before this summer was quite agree with society. The most eminent journalists close to the Kremlin, like Mr. Solovyov, mercilessly criticized the government and claimed that these actions during the confrontation with the West can lead to the most disastrous results.

Thirdly, our President during the March address to the Federal Assembly also talked a lot about domestic economic policy, about the breakthrough, about poverty and about other pleasant and useful things. Why would not expect any significant changes?

And these changes really came. Just not the ones society expected. The course of the gradual stagnation and mild poverty remained the same. I have the feeling that any of the brakes completely failed. Every day, the news. The regular levies, fines, taxes – and all this against the background of the pension reform.

That is happening already poured in a lot of awkward situations, which didn’t happen before. During visits to the enterprises, the President voiced the figures that he has advisers that causes a nervous reaction of the listeners, as it was during a visit to the shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” in the Primorye territory. The woman standing before Putin has said that she is “the boss and her salary is one hundred thousand rubles.” The President asked: what is the average, perhaps, ninety? The workers said that they receive thirty or forty thousand, what Mr Putin couldn’t believe it.

Right and see a counselor, who bends down and hot whispers in the ear of the President: “they cry the Blues, to tear under pressure”. In Primorye agreed that the HR Department knows better. Not the people who the tickets and get money, and human resources. Not a person but a statistic.

What is all this? Not only to the fact that people are constantly annoyed by the growing gap between the glossy pictures on TV and what they see around them. People are starting to ask questions. We’ve been convinced that we do not understand anything in politics, in Economics and other high areas. Upstairs hold all the information, so is able to make the most informed and sound decisions in the interests of the whole country…

But when ordinary citizens begin to be persuaded that they receive an average of forty thousand, and they are such money in eyes did not see, a doubt arises in the information that is placed on the table of Putin and other Kremlin leaders. Not only on salaries, and on the whole complex of problems.

It seems our President was never afraid to answer pressing social questions and challenges. And today there is a sense that he goes by his liberal advisers than ordinary citizens during a direct communication with them.

On the same straight line, the Governor of Orlov is de facto accused people who asked for help to the President in a lie. And the President any conclusions after this line did not. The insights had to do to voters at the polling stations.

Today information rules the world. Presenters we have a laugh at the taxi drivers, each of which may govern. But if the taxi drivers reliable information, and in the Kremlin offices – are not present, then the taxi starts to be preferable.

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