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People studied astronomy for over 17 thousand years ago

Люди занимались астрономией более 17 тысяч лет назадKnown cave paintings of animals actually talk about astronomical and cosmic phenomena.

Known cave paintings created more than 17 thousand years ago, is a record of astronomical observations. Experts believe that the ancient people were marked with drawings of animals of the constellations.

So, the Buffalo refers to the constellation of Capricorn at the summer solstice, and the duck – the Libra constellation during the spring equinox. It is also assumed that other gipotiazida the constellations of Leo and Taurus.

After analyzing the position of the pieces scientists have come to the conclusion that they indicate approximately 15 150 BC and talk about global changes. Scientists suggest that just in this period of climate change due to the collision of the Earth with a comet.

Also, experts believe that the depiction of animals in rock letter around the world represent astronomical events.

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