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People “remember” events that have never been: proven by scientists

Человек «помнит» события, которых не было: доказано ученымиEvery second person “remembers” events that were not

British researchers from Warwick University found that more than 50% of people “remember” events that never happened.

In a study conducted by Dr. Kimberly Wade, was attended by over 400 people. They were told fictional stories supposedly from their lives. It turned out that 30% of participants are able to clearly “remember” what they had not happened, and even remember some details. Another 23% reported that “remember” imaginary events in one degree or another.

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Scientists came to the conclusion that it can be very difficult to determine when one remembers the real events of the past, and when wrong even in a controlled experiment, but in real life. While false memories influence judgments and decisions.

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