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People get dumber from Sci Fi?

American scientists have once again “discovered” something.

According to the Tape.ru (citing The Guardian) scientists Chris Halver and Dan Johnson conducted a study involving 150 people, the results of which concluded that reading science fiction leads to a deterioration in the ability to analyze the text, understand the emotions of the characters and the plot.

The participants of the experiments were to read a text consisting of thousands of words. Half read the story of “one day”, written in a realistic style, and the other half is a sci – Fi version of the same story.

The plot of the story the hero comes to the restaurant and talks to people after a local newspaper had published his letter in which he sharply criticizes the society. After reading the text the participants had to explain, whether they sympathized with the hero, and how much they had to try to understand the feelings of the characters.

The study authors note:

The transfer of the plot in the science fiction world has dramatically lowered the perception of the quality of the artistic language, despite the fact that the subjects read the same story in the story and relationships between characters.

In addition, the readers of science-fiction version of the story weaker than worried for the characters and not so much sought to understand their emotions. This is attributed to the fact that many who read SF version, waiting for the story more easy content because of preconceptions about the genre.

PySy. Personally I think not quite true as these conclusions and the initial premise from which scientists came. Of course, if you compare a serious drama and action-adventure fiction with spaceships and blasters, the first intellectually, the second outperforms the “one-gate”. But the thing is that true science fiction is not a substitute for purely entertaining “Star wars” and “Transformers,” but something perhaps more difficult to understand than any drama. Fans of the “blade Runner” or “a Space Odyssey” language does not turn to call you stupid.

What do you think on this subject?

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