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People better hear speech in my right ear

Люди лучше слышат речь правым ухомAccording to a new study, researchers from Auburn University, become a good listener is very simple – you just need to listen to information the right ear.

Recognition and memorization of the speech can be difficult, especially when background noise complicate the process. Now experts have found that ignoring the information received through the left ear, may help treat and save the audio to 40% more efficiently.

The study involved 40 people aged 18 to 28 years. It was found that the participants better recognize information when it is presented in the right ear than the left ear or both ears at the same time. According to experts, in difficult situations, when it becomes very difficult to listen to, people should rely on their right ear.

Each ear of an adult hears the individual pieces of information that are then combined together during processing in the auditory system. However, the auditory system of young children are not able to sort the information from both ears, so the children rely heavily on his right ear to catch the sounds, because this way of receiving information in the brain more efficient.

Sounds included in the right ear are processed by the left part of the brain that controls speech and memory, so people better understand information when they listen to her right ear, experts say.

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