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People are tired of the endless insults

Люди устали от бесконечных оскорблений

The trouble system is not that it is corrupt, vicious, or antisocial. The trouble system is that it tries to cover up the Fig leaf that its essence, is nothing but a cover up may not. It is most annoying. People hate it when they keep the idiots. People are tired of the endless insults from all sides. It is not only the government holds all the responsibility on people (infantile, parasitic, low productivity), but also system opposition (submissive, stupid, passive).

And the citizens now face a difficult choice. On the one hand, everyone understands that the government finally lost the shore and did it with alarming swiftness.

On the other hand, experience suggests that any sudden movements in our country can lead to very dire consequences for the citizens themselves.

So the yellow jackets will remain in the trunk.

But if we talk about France, there is one of the worst slogans of the protesters: “we don’t need You”. This appeal to the whole society elite. When we moved to Russia, then this phrase can be heard from both sides. Elite clearly says to society: “we don’t need You, you are encumbered. You are a waste of money you too much, you want too much”.

But society meets the elite is exactly the same. Why society needs elite, which makes people infinite to live in a besieged fortress, and she allows herself to have passports besieging States? Why society elite, which drains from a country that openly States that no development will be in the coming decades, which does not associate themselves with the country in which he lives, and doesn’t even consider himself part of the people?

Over the last century the betrayal of the elites tired of society indefinitely.

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