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People are freezing for iPhone

Люди мерзнут за iPhone

On Tverskaya street in Moscow the third day the youth is in line for the new gadgets from Apple, although not all of them have the money to buy them.

Near re:store on Tverskaya street for several days worth of the makeshift camp. The queue for the new gadget from Apple, which goes on sale tomorrow, 28 September, took more than a hundred people. People sit on folding chairs and cots, wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags. Simultaneously sits on the sidewalk 40-50. The rest depart in the nearest cafe to warm up, but not for long. In the queue valid set of rules: one person — one place. Every half an hour passes muster. After that, the late there’s an extra 30 minutes to check in. Then he was just kicked out of the queue.

“It’s easier. When there is some kind of system, no problem. There are people who want to cut. Come and go, all to be found, and the main thing — then nothing to prove” — explains the “Rosbalt”, where did the rules, young man by the name of Stepan. He sits on a folding chair, wrapped in a sleeping bag. On the other side of the cardboard sign with the number “23” crossed out, and below attributed: “Sell the 22”.

“One man after the roll call was eliminated,” explains Stepan their progress in the queue. He’s on duty here since Tuesday.

“We sleep half-sitting here or in “chocolate”, if we are allowed. Although, in fact, and not sleeping properly. I sit for about 40 hours. The first took place on Monday,” says the young man.

His place Stepan keeps not alone. With him in the end, came to his friend Michael. “Someone has a mate that can for some time to replace. But only if the person is initially approached and agreed to. You can even for half a day to go in this case. Another thing, if someone came in and said, Bob is gone, now I’m for it. Doesn’t work,” says Stepan.

His place of “business” want to sell for 130 thousand rubles. “Posted ads on Avito, people calling me asking,” says Michael. In the previous vigils on iPhone neither one nor the other was not involved. Michael temporarily unemployed, and therefore got involved in this adventure.

“The system here is simple: the earlier you get here the better. I went with the idea that if we don’t get into the top thirty, you just need to turn around and leave. Then it’s not worth it,” says Michael.

“Now turn about a hundred people, maybe more. For hundredth place can get 15-20 thousand. For people who have been here for about a day and a half, that’s fine. At the beginning of the sales we are going to be about three days, and hope for your efforts to get more than 15-20 thousand,” — he said.

According to Stepan, yesterday’s rain, many waited in “chocolate”, though someone was sitting here. But mark still had all come to the store.

Police turn iPhone touches. “There was a case came outfit. Some friends pitched the tent here, they were asked to remove it and took the one who put the police Department. But its place in the queue he lost. This rule — if the person is taken to the police place for him remains,” said Stepan.

According to him, one hundred ten no, that would be standing in line to buy the new iPhone itself.

“Turn, basically, this is a way to make money. Although there are those who are keeping a place for sale, and in order to buy the gadget itself. After all, will sell two phones in one hand,” he says.

“Originally this way to make money, no doubt,” agrees young man named Alexander. In his hands he has two signs: “9th place — 200 thousand roubles”, “10 — 190 thousand rubles.” When being photographed, one of the tablets he takes.

Asked how it happened that he sells from two places in the queue. Alexander explains that one of the signs is his friend, now departed. Together with a friend -the ninth number of the” Alexander escaped with pairs to earn.

“But when I arrived, I immediately realized that it would be fun. So that part is the queue for the iPhone is such a youth movement. It’s a challenge. And the atmosphere here is awesome,” says Alexander.

According to him, people calling me asking to trade. But no one buys. “Most likely, sales will begin closer to night or tomorrow morning,” he said.

“Someone pre-arranges with buyers. But the place remains vacant, while the man did not arrive or fails to transfer the money. We did not book,” adds Michael.

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