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People are fleeing Ukraine has faced a new threat

Люди бегут: Украина столкнулась с новой угрозойMass migration of Ukrainians to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe creates a huge problem for Ukraine.

Ukraine travel for work to Europe at such a pace that the country could face even more severe demographic crisis than the United Nations predicts.

This is stated in the study of non-governmental analytical center of the US Atlantic Council.

If Ukraine does not settle the question of urgency, the demographic crisis in the country will only get worse. For generations depopulation could become a much bigger threat than corruption and the Kremlin, the study says.

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Separately noted that today the Ukrainians are a national minority in the Czech Republic and Poland. And in ten years they can become in these countries the dominant minority.

While European countries actively attract Ukrainians for two reasons: first, they are experiencing a demographic crisis, and secondly their political considerations – the Ukrainians closer to them than Africans or Asians.

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And the citizens of Ukraine leave their country because of the low standard of living and armed conflict.

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