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Pennywise Skarsgard said about the second part “It”

A month later, will start shooting the second part “It”, we are regularly encouraging news about the casting of actors for the role of grown-up kids from the first film, with one actor, it was clear in advance: bill Skarsgard could not return to screens in the role of a demonic clown-monster Pennywise! However, in his own words, the work of the bill in the new film will be somewhat different from what he did in the first part.

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I look forward to. This time it will be a completely different experience, because the fact that we have all these wonderful experienced actors, against whom I have to play like I was playing against children. So it will be difficult. but I look forward to it.
Now we are ready to shoot, I would like to return to the character Pennywise. I have a great relationship with Andy [Mosketti, directed “It”], not only as between the Director and the actor, but just between very close friends, so we have fun and find out what we’re going to put on the table for the second part.

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Such cases. “It is: Part 2” will be released on Russian screens on September 5, 2019.

Topic: “IT is. Part 2”: a psychedelic trip through the subconscious Pennywise?

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