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Pennywise returns: the first teaser poster for the film “It: Part 2”

Film Studio New Line Cinema made us the best gift on this Halloween.

Before us is the first official film poster of “It: Part 2”, the continuation of the hit horror 2017 and the film adaptation of one of the best novels King of horror Stephen king. Of course, it is so hollow as I’ll ever be, but his appearance is still a good thing. There, you see, and the first teaser trailer is not far off…

The first part “It” talked about the following:

When the town of Derry, Maine, children begin to disappear, a few guys are faced with their greatest fears and forced to face off with the evil clown Pennywise, whose cruelty and the list of victims goes back centuries.

The sequel will continue the story of the grown-up heroes of the first film, the role which was played by Jessica Chastain (“Mama”), James McAvoy (“X-Men: First class”), bill, bill Hader (“Barry”), ISA Mustafa (“shadowhunters”), Jay Ryan (“Mary’s killing people”), James ransone (“Sinister”) and Andy Bean (“transformers: the Last knight”). In the Director’s chair sits still the same Andres, Moschetti (“Mother”).

The club Losers and opposing them clown Pennywise will return to the big screen September 5, 2019. You missed them, isn’t it?

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