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Pennywise in the world of Arrow? Interesting reference in the trailer for “the Dark tower”

Today, all the horror community has exploded in the discussion of the first full trailer long-awaited film adaptation of “the Dark tower” by Stephen king. Of course, the Internet was again divided into two camps – first those impressed by Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the foreground and the overall epic performances at the back, and the second ground of blatant disregard for the creators of the film to the source and the fact that the movie “the Tower” resembles a mixture of “the Matrix” and “Star wars”, but not gloomy kingovskoy history.

However, to please fans of the King of horror the filmmakers managed. First, in the eyes of observant spectators rushed photo of the overlook hotel – the terrible town from “the Shining”where once settled Jack TORRANCE with his family.

The second reference is even tastier and even more unexpected. The young hero of “the Dark tower”, Jake chambers, walking through the forest, finds an old rusted sign with the words “Pennywise”, and the massive hand of the statue next compresses the bundle of balloons. Hence, our favorite clown is also visited in the world, which brought Jake! In place of the boy, I’d be outta there as soon as possible.

Main character gunslinger Roland Distin who went in search of the Dark Tower, stronghold of the Universe that holds all worlds from chaos and destruction. On the way he meets Jake, a boy from our reality, and confronts a mysterious Man in black.

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