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Pennywise in all its glory, and about 80 frames from the trailer “It”

The long-awaited debut teaser trailer for “It” (It) came out. And, although it would seem, revealed to him not as much as I would like, frame-by-frame analysis of this video proves the contrary. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

All images are clickable. During parsing, we’ll sometimes insert comments to draw out some nuances to your attention.

It all starts with a classic and memorable for TV movie 1990 scene. Bill Denbrough’s making a boat for his younger brother Georgie, after which the latter runs into the street, where he plays with the boat during a rainstorm.

Fascinated, Georgie notices left by the repairmen on the road fencing (the inscription reads “Public works Derry”), falls down and misses the boat. Pay attention to standing in the background cars. This is clearly not the machine 50-60-ies, that is, as expected, the new “It” perenise in the 1980s.

Georgie boat drift with the flow of the drain. The boy looks in there… and from there on it looks Pennyways. The scene ends, so we don’t know whether she will have continued dialogue Pennywise and Georgie and the final bloody denouement.

Further, like we are familiar with the city of Derry and the characters in the film. To start – the General plan of the town.

And here are our heroes. Looks like a frame from the series “Very strange case”, isn’t it?

There’s the villains. In front of us – a gang of Henry Bowers. Note the guy in the crimson tank top which sits a shot Hochstettler. In the TV version 1990 this character has no place. In the new film, it looks like he will be quite important to the plot role.

On the pole hangs a notice about a missing person for 15 years. This boy – Patrick Hochstettler.

Ben Hanscom sits in the library and sees a red balloon that moves by itself – and which, it seems, no one but him notices. It is important, however, is not. The important thing is that Ben stays in the Library. In the version of the script, which, according to insiders, wrote for “It” Cary Fukunaga, Ben, too, was lost in the library and was in the Losers ‘ Club as a sort of “historian of Derry”. Coincidence or the old script was taken as a basis?..

In the next scene from the trailer Losers ‘ Club wanders through the sewers. Here nothing special happens, it’s just atmospheric shots.

The losers find out that each of them saw Pennywise.

Gloomy house in all its glory.

Losers watching a Filmstrip, or slides. Looking at the map of Derry, they realize that Pennywise hiding in the sewers.

But here starts something unusual – one of the most powerful scenes in the teaser. Slideshow, final the woman in the photos (apparently – this is the mother of bill and Georgie) is Pennywise!

The boy (probably Stan URIs) runs away from… It in the image of the Leper, it seems.

If you do not understand, that he, the Leper, in the performance of Javier Botet. We’ve seen photos from filming with the participation of “human special effect”.

The next episode seems to continue the stage of the flight, but actually runs is another boy – it is evident that clothes are different.

And again the gang Bowers. Patrick noticed a red balloon and away from their buddies. It is felt that it is waiting for something terrible.

Approaching the finale, the crescendo roller. One after another followed by a few short and terrifying scenes.

Bill sees Georgie. A terrible scene – a dead boy yells that “you too will fly!”, while behind him from under the water appears Pennywise.

Pennywise attacks! And this is the final teaser. Although in the end, after the credits, it will be a very short surprise.

This shot lasts, the feelings, much less than seconds, so on first view (and if you re too), you can just as I like it and not to consider. But show us the face Pennywise in all its terrible splendor!

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