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Pennywise drums cuts a cover of Slipknot! (VIDEO)

“IT” broke into the cinema, took our minds, stole heart and is not going to return! Every day new art, memes, theories and just fight in the movie! Fucking clown drove people mad, and the madness subsides that week!

So the guys from glorious St. Petersburg also decided to hypenate a little bit. They recorded a cover of the song Devil In I nu-metal band Slipknot, and only on the reels. And guess who will thrash them with sticks?

Yes, the drummer Sergey Sitnikov was reincarnated for the job in the way Pennywise, and damn it, it looks powerful!

The clip was directed by Andrei Nekrasov.

For makeup answered Polina Sitnikova

The sound was headed by Ilya Borisov.

All the guys helmet great respect and all the rays of goodness, because well done!

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