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Pennywise doll from Mezco inspired by TV “It” (PHOTOS)

Horror from the novel by Stephen king and the TV movie “It” will soon stand still as a doll. Clown Pennywise served as a “model” for a new toy company Mezco Toyz from the famous series of Living Dead Dolls!

Although the premiere of the feature-length adaptation of the same novel only a few months, it should be clarified that the design of the new doll will not be performed Pennywise from the movie Andres, Mosketti. The source of inspiration was exactly what the previous television adaptation, filmed in 1990, Tommy Lee Wallace with the brilliant Tim Curry in the role Pennywise. The doll is officially called: IT 1990: Pennywise.

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Figure height is 10 inches, the doll has five points of a bend, complete with a toy will be supplied by red balloon – because we’re all fly, Yes!

Selling a miracle will come in the period from November 2017 to January 2018.

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