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Pennywise cake & Pennywise watch nightmare punctual pastry!

Remember the memory with a selection of culinary delights, the basis of the design of which was taken by famous horror movies?

Now to this list we can safely add another pretty cake, inspiration for which was a gorgeous horror film “It” Andres, Moschettilately for obvious reasons did not come down from our headlines more than a day. Its author is Jaka Denim, known under the nickname Koalipops. On his YouTube-channel he has long been pleasing the audience with a sweet performance of the famous heroes, be it Spiderman or the Cheshire cat. And Pennywise really looks very appetizing!

Publication from JK Denim (@koalipops) Sep 16 2017 7:17 PDT

But for those who want to take a chance and try baking at home – full version video cooking.

To follow all the rules of preparation of this sweet requires excellent timing. And here have from time to time to glance at the clock – so why not take this a proprietary thing with the same familiar clown face on the dial? Such a design listed for the Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin, and the number of instances is small enough to be considered a “limited edition” product – only 27 pieces. What time in 27 years It wakes up. The amount of the exclusive to the rarities – the Dancing Clown wristwatch will cost you $9,990.

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