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Pennywise alive! Almost 45 minutes additional materials to IT

It would seem, what else can you say about “It” Andres, Moschetti? One of the best horror of the year long ago washed all the bones, discussed it, checked out a bunch of art, gifs and other creative ideas, even listen to cool stories from the team of the film. But the flow of material did not fail.

In mid-November, we wrote about the details of the film on media and digital platforms. Digital cinema is already available, but the release on Blu-ray is scheduled for January 9, 2018</strong>. Among other things, there will be three mini-film about the filming, and today we offer them for your consideration. You do not even have to buy anything – Yes, sometimes it is possible to discover some very interesting things. However, for maximum enjoyment have to arm themselves with knowledge of the English language.

So, three featurette a total duration of about 45 minutes invite us to look at the set and chat with the characters. The first video is called “Pennywise alive!” and talks about the reincarnation of bill Skarsgard in killer clown. And it’s really interesting. Second video dedicated to the Club of Losers, but in the third solo Maestro Stephen king. In General, what to tell, just take a look how we created it’s a great movie.

When the town of Derry, Maine, children begin to disappear, a few guys are faced with their greatest fears and forced to face off with the evil clown Pennywise, whose cruelty and the list of victims goes back centuries.

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