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Pediatricians told me how to feed the child during illness

Педиатры подсказали, как кормить ребенка во время болезниHow not to harm and to help the child to recover.

To the body overcame the virus, and the baby quickly went to the amendment, it is important during illness to provide him with proper nutrition.

Parents are very worried when during illness the child refuses to eat, and some even try to make a baby, saying: “Well, let’s at least bite, and where to take power to cope with the disease?”

Such actions are fundamentally wrong – now the child’s body is very determined to throw all forces on struggle with the illness, not digesting large amounts of food. So you need to listen to the wishes of the baby and, as they say, to go “beyond nature”, making it the diet, which the body quickly to cope with the disease. But if and lose weight a little bit these days – it doesn’t matter – he will be all caught up as soon as I recover.

Doesn’t want to eat? Let him drink!

When the disease is just beginning the offensive, and is usually accompanied by high fever, the body is very dehydrated. So you need to give the child a lot of the “right” drink. Now it is much more important than food. The right is fortified and warm milk with honey, tea with raspberry and lemon, broth hips, orange and other juices. But remember that the experiments now irrelevant – no new products during the illness. And the younger the child, the more care in this matter need to be.

Vitamin C

About it now you need to remember first and foremost, because a good immune system is defined by its sufficient presence, and the better the immune system, the sooner you will recover the child. Besides, do not forget that vitamin C cannot be stored for future use, its stocks should be regularly replenished.

Excellent source of vitamin C – fresh fruits and vegetables, so salads of different vegetables and fruits should be present in the diet of the patient constantly. But be careful with citrus, their young children need to offer carefully – many of them can cause an allergic reaction. Offered to the child a slice of orange, made tea with lemon – watch the reaction of the baby. If after some time there was a rash on the skin, immediately discard the product.

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Rich in minerals, iron, b vitamins and vegetable protein – cereal is the basis of children’s diet and the illness is no exception. The most valuable from the point of view of content of nutrients are oats and buckwheat, so they offer the baby first. Cook them so that they were liquid or semi-liquid, so the child will be easier and more pleasant to deal with dish, and not to get bored, get creative. Cook the oatmeal in milk or meat broth, add fruit or a slice of cooked diet of chicken meat.

Dairy products

If your child likes milk, offer it in a variety of forms. A classic of the genre during the disease is milk with honey, but do not forget about light and nutritious fermented milk products such as yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese. These products are easily processed and quickly digested that, at the time of illness is a very valuable quality.

Sometimes during illness, the body rejects the milk (baby may vomit) – it can happen even if your little one loves him. Don’t insist – the human body is designed wisely, so now this product he doesn’t need.


In the acute period of the disease, while fever, children usually refuse meat. But when the peak of illnesses has passed, you can try to enter it in the diet again.

All meat products – poultry meat, rabbit, beef, liver – offer a recovering child only in boiled and chopped. In this form, the weakened body will be easier to cope with and processed, not spending extra effort to take all the most useful. And as a side dish suitable porridge or boiled vegetables. But if the baby refuses to be “serious” food again, don’t insist, it means that it is not the time.

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Be patient and tactful

Finally the sickness subsided – everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but attentive and responsive the mother is very worried, because at this time the baby ate little and lost a lot of weight. And, worrying, mom began to feed the favorite child, sometimes without taking into account that the appetite of the child is not yet at a level.

And again the same advice: don’t insist, increase the calorie intake gradually, as soon as the stomach and intestines recover, the child will back appetite. But your persistence can result in harm to the kid he’d come to hate a particular product, which he forcibly put. Yes, and the appetite may it never to return.

What to reject

Spicy, fatty, salty, acidic foods need to be excluded from children’s diet. Food cooked this way is generally not very useful for children, and during the disease even harmful. Also forget about crackers and biscuits – these foods can irritate a sore throat crumbs and can aggravate a cough.

When to consult a doctor

It happens so that the baby is healthy, and the appetite doesn’t come back or the stomach rejects food, responding to all incoming food by vomiting. Maybe it’s dysbiosis of the gastrointestinal tract as a reaction to the antibiotics or something else. No need to guess and self-medicate. Urgently address to the doctor – only it needs to define a strategy of action.

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