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Pediatricians told how to care for children with eczema

Педиатры подсказали, как ухаживать за детьми с экземойEczema is the most common form of allergic dermatitis.

This disease is found in 40% of cases among all skin disease babies 3-6 months. On that note, if your baby is one of them.

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Dry skin is one of the factors of acute eczema, because of the dryness there is a peeling and itching. Twice a day apply on skin moisturizer or baby oil (from lotions should be abandoned – they are less hydrating substances).

Baby should also be wary, as prolonged water treatment contribute to loss of skin moisture. Make sure that the bath water was warm, about 37 degrees, and Soaps, try not to use it at all. After bathing, apply the cream on even damp skin.
Do not let the comb rash

When the baby is scratching at the rash, in their place, formed ulcers, which are covered with a dense crust and cause additional discomfort. Keep the child’s nails were always cut, and avoid fabrics which irritate the skin, in particular, synthetics and wool. If the child scratches himself while sleeping, wear it on the night special gloves or gloves made of thin cotton. To relieve the itching, apply to the affected area of the skin moistened with cold water towel – this compress will reduce inflammation and will ease the health.
Avoid sweat

Sweating, like dryness of the skin, it also encourages aggravation of eczema. To avoid sweating, dress your child in light, breathable fabrics such as cotton. Also, make sure that the house was not too stuffy – regularly ventilate the room and control the temperature.
Eliminate allergens

Allergies and eczema go hand in hand. Contact your doctor or allergist to determine the exact causes of Allergy and completely eliminate the risk factor. In addition, often do wet cleaning in the house and get rid of unnecessary textiles (carpets, draperies, decorative pillows) – home textiles can settle dust mites, which also often leads to the development of allergies.
Avoid stress

Save the baby from stress effects – this condition itself can cause redness and itching on the skin. Please note, the situations that cause the baby to worry and try to avoid them.

The treatment of eczema

Most often, doctors prescribe eczema corticosteroid ointments. But these funds have a number of side effects, so their use should be strictly dosed.

Also, to combat allergies, are appointed by antihistamines, which in addition to inhibition of the allergen will eliminate the itching and redness.

If the eczema is accompanied by fever, redness around the affected skin, and the appearance of lumps or blisters, is an infection, to deal with which have been the antibiotics.

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