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Pediatricians suggested how to protect the child from the cold

Педиатры подсказали, как защитить ребенка от простудыPrevention and treatment.

How to protect from viruses child at home and in kindergarten? We know the most effective methods of prevention and share them with you.

Terminate breast-feeding should be gradual, but in the midst of diseases it is better not to do, because milk has substances that support the immune system of the baby. In addition to breast milk a baby after 6 months should get quite a variety of meals with complementary foods. After one year, parents can gradually give the onions and garlic are the best natural antiviral remedies. And the diet should be milk. These products will be hard to produce interferon.

Do not forget about vitamins. Now one of the most important is vitamin C. It is in the lemon (it can be simply eaten with sugar), currants, cranberries, which deliver tasty fruit drinks. More fruit! Apples, pears and grapes may be on the table every day! Fresh or steamed vegetables will cover the need for fiber and micronutrients. But if you appetite the baby has problems, consult a physician might want to drink a course of multivitamins.

Prevention of colds and flu in the kindergarten

If the house and the street is more or less clear, how to protect the baby in the garden, where he may come in contact with sick children? This issue should certainly be addressed with the teacher. Practice shows that the more parents are interested in preventive measures in school, the harder they run. Find out if children have permanent access to drinking water. It should not be boiled! If you haven’t organized the delivery of good water in the garden, it’s worth doing. Ask how often spend damp cleaning of premises, how many times a day it airs and what it temperature.

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Lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment does not make sense. It will expire after 2 hours, the ointment is dries the nose and in the garden can be and already hot.

Learning to gargle

This skill is very useful at the first signs of the disease. Even ordinary rinsing with warm water is very useful. It reduces the concentration of virus and moisturizes the neck. And if you brew chamomile flowers, sage or calendula, the effect will be even better. Give the kid a tablespoon of broth and show me how to rinse the throat. You need to tip the head and try to stretch “a-o-s”.

Do no harm!

The vast majority of SARS is treated without use of antibiotics. They may appoint a doctor. Still should refrain from warm-up procedures, if the baby has a fever. Of course, any parent wants to help the baby when he sees that he is sick. To help those that can’t hurt! Severely tea, wet air, ventilated room, Orochi nose with saline rinse bottle. Let the patient wear cushy socks and lying under the blanket, since senses weakness. You can be next! Read him stories or watching a favorite movie together, movies.

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Of Pchelkina medicine

Bee products are very useful during epidemics. Just a spoon of honey or comb capping a day increases the reference powers of the body. But this allergenic product. It can be given only after a year or two, and you should start with small doses. Try to find toddler natural honey from the apiary. You can add it to tea, but not hot. When heated honey loses its valuable medicinal properties.


Annually in pharmacies there are new wonder drug that promise parents to enhance the baby’s immunity and reduce the number of diseases. But many doctors are skeptical about such drugs. Still, in most children the immune system is working properly, and to get involved with medicines is extremely risky. Especially if the drug you have chosen, guided by advertising or by the advice of the seller in the pharmacy. The main factors that affect the immune system, is a way of life, walking, food. And of course, heredity. And no the drugs can’t change that. Well, if small is indeed serious deficiencies in the immune program, an experienced doctor will certainly help you.

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