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Pediatricians have suggested, like putting the child on a winter walk

Педиатры подсказали, как одевать ребенка на зимнюю прогулкуFresh air child needs daily.

In the depths of winter, young mothers often wonder about whether or not to pull the stroller and go for a walk on the street with a newborn baby. Worth it, of course – fresh air for the baby, however, you should follow a few rules that will allow moms to not be nervous for the baby in the cold season.

Choose a quiet place

For the baby, try to choose a quiet, inanimate alleys, parks, boulevards and squares, away from the big highways and busy traffic.

Best of all, if there is a nearby forest or lake, but if this is not possible and you live in the city centre, it is better to walk around the yard and in the nearby houses, and not on the dusty sidewalk near the road. And you better not stand on the spot, because walking in the fresh air the perfect restorative treatment for the young mother.

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Check frozen little

To choose the right warm baby clothes for a child you must learn, but first it is best to focus on the temperature the legs. Immediately after the walk check – if they are cold, the child should dress warmer. But if you sweat then you peracutely or long time were in the room dressed.

The balcony is also suitable for winter walks

Sometimes the winter is so frosty or snow that the street is not really fun, but baby you need some fresh air daily. In this case, put the stroller with the baby just to the balcony and see that it is not the barrel and fell to the snow. Walk ready baby and mommy happy.

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Dress him in this case as well as outside in warm clothes, and laying on top of the blanket.

Walk yourself

If the child is comfortable sleeping on the balcony – don’t miss the opportunity to get out and walk a bit on the street without him. Dad or grandma can watch the baby, and you can breathe in the air and charged the winter and cheerful mood for the day.

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