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Pediatric oncologists of the center of Blokhin announced the mass dismissal

Детские онкологи центра Блохина заявили о массовом увольнении

“The leadership compromises the lives of children”

Pediatric oncologists of the center of Blokhin announced the mass dismissal

Pediatric Oncology of the National medical research center of Oncology N. N. Blokhin announced the mass dismissal due to the fact that the new leadership center “destabilizie the work of the entire cancer services” and “endanger children”. “We announce his decision to resign as the new leadership of the cancer center does not allow us to faithfully fulfill their medical debt. For years, children with cancer receive treatment in appalling conditions,” — said in the appeal, the Deputy Director of the Institute of pediatric Oncology Maxim Rykov.

According to doctors, the office is not “banal ventilation”, the walls covered with mold, wards are crowded with patients. “It’s been 20 years stretches the construction of the new building, but commissioning was postponed from year to year,” the doctor says. They claim that the new management of the centre, instead of solving the problems of the medical Institute, “started the hardware against” — “for the sake of promoting their people terrorized by the labor collective”, and “payroll has become a closed and unfair process.”

“We demand to dismiss the newly appointed leadership, reasonably and transparently distributing the salary, to audit the construction of new buildings. We have appealed to all authorities, but no one heard,” they say in circulation the doctors. The doctors say that now we can only hope that the parents of young patients and other citizens of Russia.

The parents of the patients recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The fate of children with cancer who are undergoing treatment at the center Blokhin, don’t care about power, although in accordance with Federal law, the state recognizes the health of children as one of the most important conditions of development”, — the statement says. Parents need to lay off the new leadership of the center, because of conflict with the authorities, the physicians “working under stress” and a number of drugs parents of children with cancer are forced to buy at their own expense.

We will remind, problems at the cancer center our edition a month ago, I told one of the doctors, who wished to remain anonymous. According to him, in the center of Blokhin “the process of reducing staff already lasted for years.” “It all started with the may decrees of the President, which said that doctors in the threefold size needs to increase wages,” said employee SMRC of Oncology named after Blokhin. According to him, officially, the “optimization” started from the layoffs, and that “most of the employees transferred at the rate of 0.5, other doctors — 0.75 rate”. “It happened just so, as if 709 rates were free,” explains the doctor.

According to the oncologist, “in the pursuit to earn more money, the user needs to write people after surgery before they are due so increased “turnover of beds””. “In this case, the mandatory medical insurance Fund pays out more money. We left the post-op patients as long as necessary, contrary to the requirement of the authorities. We are doctors in the end, not office workers, we can’t do such absurd management orders to fulfill. It’s a question of people’s lives! — explains our interlocutor. — We had a situation where we couldn’t discharge patients because after the surgery in the district hospital may not always make the dressing as necessary. In the result the insurance company the hospital was fined 200 thousand rubles, and this amount is proportionately deducted from the salaries of all who worked in the Oncology Department, which is about 10 thousand rubles, we have deducted that we tried to cure the patient.”

In turn informed the National medical research center of Oncology N. N. Blokhin said that “cut and hire new doctors.” According to the Director of the research Institute of pediatric Oncology and Hematology Svetlana Varfolomeeva, the reduction applied only to vacancy rates, and working employees were not dismissed.

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