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Pavel Globa predicted a quick change of power in Russia

Павел Глоба предсказал скорую смену власти в России Famous astrologer also told about the expected birth of an extraordinary child.

The last month of autumn for the Russian society is clearly going to be savoury in the background of various social and economic shocks. In the new astrology Pavel Globa said the excitement of the people about the future, and the desire of the Russian government to move to Siberia.

Domestic unrest can occur as a result of the arbitrary decisions of the authorities of the Russian Federation regarding the “crackdown” as a result of anti-Russian sanctions. People in groups will nominate to the square of their demands.

According to Globa, in the last days of November in Russia can change the power, though without violence, etc. All happens purely because of the personal factor.

The government wants to shift economic activity in Siberia in the framework of the new economic strategy. The astrologer comforted at the expense of the Third world. According to him, is that no battles would not, in spite of a tough confrontation.

On the contrary, some former Soviet republics can begin to work closely with Russia. Also Globa said the prophet’s birth on the territory of the Russian Federation, which will lead the whole world.

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