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Patriotism in Russia left for the poor losers

Патриотизм в России оставили для нищих лузеров

…Youth, youth tend to burn with age, this spark slowly fades. And most importantly, in the minds of the pupils and students should be constantly questions: “why do I exist?”, “Why do I need all that I know and can do?”. During the great Patriotic war, even in the most ordinary young man was a fantastic spiritual and moral possibilities, which moved him on heavy roads of war, led to the feat, which, mind you, no one ever forced. So he brought up the Soviet school, the Soviet system of education.

Patriotism should be in every man was as natural as the ability to walk. Without respect for your home, your country we have hardly anything happens. It is no coincidence that our President Vladimir Putin said: “we Do not and cannot be any other unifying idea, in addition to patriotism. For this you need awareness, and constantly need to talk about it on all levels.” But how to combine snickering oligarchs and the impoverished Russians?

On the “upper bracket” and “losers”

The fact that a quarter of a century the country is living in blatant stratification on the “upper bracket” and “losers” in the words of one of the “upper bracket” banking oligarch Pyotr Aven, “the losers” is all of us, ordinary citizens, but “Wiener” is the elite minority that owns the majority. English is closer to Russian. The patriotism of the “upper bracket” is Russophobia is anti-Sovietism, is the exaltation of the so-called “feats” Vlasov, skins, brothers Krasnov, were hanged for treason, and service to Hitler on 16 January 1947 in the courtyard of Lefortovo prison, where all criminals, derived from the cameras. This is a memorial plaque in honor of Yudenich, Kornilov, Alexeyev, mammoth. Do I need a monument to Krasnov, Pyotr Nikolayevich — brigadenfuhrer SS, the chief of the Main Directorate of Cossack troops of Hitler’s Wehrmacht, who said: “Moscow is writhing in the throes of Bolshevism, it is necessary to conquer the iron hand of a German soldier”? The same crane, which at the service of the Nazis was led by the 15-th Cossack corps special cruelty against the Soviet troops and the civilian population. Or another brother Krasnov, also referred to as the Nazis, which owns words: “Russian can be sacrificed for the glory of Cossacks”. But this monument is already installed in the Kuban, in the village of Yelanskaya in Rostov region.

How could imagine such a Kuban Cossack Anatoly liapidevskii — hero of the Soviet Union, No. 1; Orenburg Cossack Marshal Shaposhnikov; the don Cossack General of the army Shtemenko; the Terek Cossack Admiral Golovko , or Astrakhan Cossack, hero of the army General Pliev?! Yes, and my father Timothy Y. Schwartz party of the civil, Finnish, great Patriotic war, Colonel, commander of division of special purpose, was a Cossack of the first red Cossack corps, which was commanded Dnipropetrovsk Cossack Vitaly Primakov?! Of course, the Bolsheviks had their excesses, especially when Sverdlov and his faithful assistants Khodorkovsky, Gipis, Plest worked decossackization, but despite this, the majority of the Cossacks remained always loyal to his country and bravely defended it during the great Patriotic war.

Today, under the guise of pseudo-patriotism, sling mud Lenin, Stalin. It’s “Wiener prove that the USSR was guilty in the death of 12 thousand Polish POWs in Katyn, though at the Nuremberg trials, it was recognized that the poles brutally shot by the Nazis.

Let’s face it, “Wiener” are not Russia and the West for whom Russia is unacceptable in any economic or political system is monarchical, oligarchic, Soviet, or liberal-bourgeois. Pressure on Russia will increase until its destruction, at least 50 States. To resist this pressure can only be the unity of Russian citizens around the Patriotic ideas! We must share the common history, shared beliefs about national interests and social justice. Here it should understand the younger generation.

Russian nature

Children cannot be cheated, the children do not like hypocrisy and immediately feel it. Every country has heroes, which brought young people. That’s why we are constantly and tirelessly owe it to yourself and to remind children about the greatness of Russia and to tell about our real heroes — the soldiers who won many glorious victories, the scientists who made the discoveries, the cultural figures whose works of art have entered the Treasury of world art. We should be proud of them, despite the current negative attitude towards Russia in the West and in all announced sanctions against us, our contribution to world history is undeniable!

Russian character is different from all the others, I’m sure as a historian, and the mysterious Russian soul is not fiction, it is real and unchanged despite all the upheavals of history. Of course, children are different, but only because they’ve given, and we ourselves are to blame. Had not been in the country a single school that had been in the museums of Moscow and Leningrad. And today there is no money or a desire to introduce children to our great past. Many even about their city, region know nothing. Little kids reading books, gathering knowledge about the world mostly from the Internet…


Increasing the level of cruelty and aggression among young people, but even 20 years ago it was impossible! Blurred notions of good and evil, the boundary between good and bad. And all because too little attention is paid to the younger generation by parents, educational institutions and society as a whole. The state does not invest in education has sufficient funds and does not pay adequately teaching effort. But to rely on the state can not — must and we, the veterans, the elderly, teach young people by their personal example…

Russia recently expelled as a supposedly barbaric, aggressive country out of the UN Council on human rights. We exclude Russia from the “Big eight” deprived of vote at the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for the destruction of the plane over Ukraine and “extermination” of the world of Syria’s population. Naturally, all this is sheer nonsense and absurdity. Even more absurd to hear such accusations from Europe and America, who are constantly bombing other countries and killing innocent people, supposedly in the name of fighting for democracy! On our protests, Western countries do not pay attention — they hear only what they want to hear, and don’t treat us as a civilized state. They would prefer to see our country as a great power and its colonies.

Vladimir Putin has recently proposed to develop a law on the Russian nation. To do this, of course, will be difficult, but the right idea, uniting all. There are various proposals, including a French model, has made the country the prey of migrants and terrorists. For Russia, however, need other way with a clear designation of the place especially the great Russian Christian people — for the Russian majority, for some reason not outlined in our Constitution is a time bomb in case of aggravation of any internal problems…

Kindness will save the world

The researchers of Russia in the United States say that Russians are supposedly callous and cruel nation. Apparently, they’ve never been to Russia and know nothing about it! Good people, we have millions. In 1914 the wife of the king and her daughters worked as nurses in hospitals, and not from case to case, but always. Today created numerous funds of kindness. The Fund “Faith” (the founder — Vera millionshchikova) contains 20 regional hospice. “Naked heart” Natalia Vodianova has built more than 100 play centres for children. “Old age is a joy” Lisa Oleskina oversees 150 homes. Only in Russia was 8.8 thousand charities that collected 160 billion rubles of donations. Only one Fund “Rosaviation” gathered to RUB 10.4 billion. Federal project “good Map” spent 15 892 good deeds. A lot of different charity events held Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka, Foundation “Ski dreams” Margarita Shirokova.

I think that people not share borders, seas and oceans, and the ignorance, bad education and disrespect to each other. Sometimes I read books, serious authors — Fromm, Jung, Nietzsche , from which one can fall asleep or who do not believe. Reflect on the words of Jung that “a person is living in fear and need to save themselves before power.” And if that power is in the form of a state? Worldwide little tolerance, and, of course, to manage such a country as Russia, it is difficult and sometimes even impossible — the mind and knowledge is not enough. It is the lack of tolerance prevents people from hearing each other. The person feels insecure and that is why today he enjoys art in search of some protection.

Museums and theaters are crowded, the person is looking for some other, different from the everyday world, seeking your dreams, your mood, freedom of thought, and art helps with that. Computer, the Internet is a tremendous help, but the person does not have to stop to read books, to visit exhibitions, concert halls. First and foremost, he needs all the same technology, and live interaction and direct exchange of emotions. Read the great Brodsky, Pushkin twentieth century, and you’ll find that 30 years ago, he described in his poems today…

We don’t know yet who will be proud of the descendants, young people in 50 — 100 years, but I am convinced that they will be proud of. Art and science — that creates a sublime image of the country. No matter what the number of Nobel prize winners left for the West, but they were born in Russia and trained in the Soviet system of education, no matter where they now live. Not only in science, art has no boundaries. Recently in our country, in various cities have worked a traveling exhibition of Aivazovsky, or in Paris by Sergey Shchukin has exhibited many paintings from his collection. On these shows, especially the one in Paris, came to Europe to look at the paintings of Gauguin and Matisse, which is not seen for 100 years.

Russian is the one who loved Russia and served it as Peter I and Alexander III. To live to Russia, to “walk in heels on the edge and cut the blood his bare soul,” wrote Vysotsky.

It is important to develop a optimistic, able to enjoy every detail. But the best way is to help people who are now much worse and harder. Great happiness to see that you made happy sick person, how he smiles, forgetting his ailments. And how wonderful life becomes when you do something good for the country or for friends. Every person on this earth should be left clean traces, because he for him to return. I’m completely convinced that people really, really flatter themselves, thinking about what they are great and mighty. In fact, we’re very small, but human life is incredibly short. So is it worth to spend it on quarrels, intrigues, grudges, especially with family?

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