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Patented round Apple Watch

Запатентованы круглые Apple WatchJudging by the latest patent, we are waiting for a round Apple Watch

In two patent applications, refers to “Electronic device having display with curved edges”. Studies have been conducted since January of this year.

According to the patent, the watch will get a new screen from edge to edge with the increased number of pixels.

It is likely that the watch will be in two versions: the classic, rectangular and round. Apple Watch still satisfied with the company and to abandon this design there is no need. On the other hand, round watch case will be able to attract more audience who likes this design.

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The concept of Korean-born designer has become one of the most famous and warmly accepted by the public. In features he was no different from what Apple showed us. But it was round.

Another interesting project from Blash submitted before the announcement of the Apple Watch. It is interesting in that the users showed in detail the structure of the work “smart” watches and an interface similar to iOS. The design was a little strange, ambiguous. But the possibility of taking pictures and videos attracted.

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