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‘Passwords changed’: Congressman Crenshaw suggests his Twitter was HACKED after reporter shames him for following escort

On Thursday, a Daily Dot and Mediaite political reporter Zachary Petrizzo tweeted out that Crenshaw is “currently following an escort on Twitter who charges $1,500 per hour,” along with screenshots of the lingerie-clad blonde.

Petrizzo’s tweet was quickly seized upon by Democrat activists, who have previously gone after Crenshaw with allegations he had sought to “discredit a woman who said she was sexually assaulted in a VA facility last year.” The Texas congressman has denounced that as a lie. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

When Project Lincoln – a group of former Republican operatives turned fanatical haters of President Donald Trump – called him out, however, Crenshaw responded with an insinuation that he may have been hacked.

“Grow up people, no one on my staff, nor I, purposefully followed this account. Thanks for flagging. Passwords changed,” he tweeted.

Unfortunately for Crenshaw, hardly anybody bought that particular excuse – just as they didn’t believe the staff at US Special Operations base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina back in October, when something similar happened to them.

Having a member of Congress hacked is a serious deal and the FBI ought to get involved, Republican activist Kaitlin Bennett suggested mockingly. Meanwhile, one prominent Trump supporter mocked Crenshaw for blaming “fake news media” when they lie about him, but believing them when they criticized the president or other Republicans he dislikes.

“So someone hacked into your account, followed one escort, posted nothing, then…?? Cool story,” quipped Doug Stafford, strategist for Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), whose Twitter bio jokes “Opinions here belong to someone who hacked into my account, obviously.”

Stafford later pointed out that the most likely explanation was that a Crenshaw staffer forgot which account he or she was logged into when hitting “like.” 

Commentator Mike Cernovich used the incident to argue that Crenshaw will get “destroyed by the buzzsaw of adversarial media” if he ever runs for president.

“Some dork no one heard of called him out for following a beautiful woman, and he back pedals like some Boomer who got hacked,” Cernovich tweeted.

Even a combat veteran like Crenshaw, who lost an eye in Afghanistan while fighting there as a Navy SEAL in 2012, isn’t cut out for the “psychological warfare” of the media, Cernovich went on to note.

That’s not to say all the action in this particular “war” was one-sided. More than one person responded to Petrizzo by posting screenshots of his own questionable Twitter activity.

The staff at Fort Bragg deleted their entire account in October after multiple comments from it were posted under a sexually suggestive tweet. Last month, none other than Pope Francis caught some heat online for “liking” a cheeky Instagram post by a Brazilian glamour model.

Rather than making excuses, the pontiff’s staff quietly removed the “like” and went about their business, hoping the internet will forget all about it.

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