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Passing the pandemic in the nuclear mess

Скоротаем пандемию в ядерной заварушке

The second day in tops news “Yandex” title: “Ukraine allow a missile strike against Russia”.

Who admits? The President? The Minister of defence? MPs? No. The Director of the Pavlodar chemical plant, someone Leonid Shiman. He was stripped of his funding and he threatened to problems with the launch of Ukrainian rocket “an oil refinery in Rostov region”. Why this refinery, the text of the news is not explained.

Well, almost fake story. To read and forget. It would have been, if we didn’t have the State Duma. Okhotny threats reacted too one — MP Bialik. “At the time, said he came to the rescue RT — as the whole world is struggling with the pandemic coronavirus, States assist each other, the Ukrainian elites continue to dream of “war” with Russia!”.

In both! After this surely will keep silent in the Parliament? And we have to connect Ministry of defense. And they have — their defense. And we have the President tell them about the dust and wet in the toilet. And they Zelensky… and there Europe with NATO will catch up…

You see, with the light hand of the Director of the Pavlodar plant, and passing the pandemic in a small nuclear dust.

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