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“Pass award”: Dzhigan disgraced the prize RU.TV

Held over the weekend music premium channel RU. TV is remembered not only for the next “set” of questionable images, but also a scandal. At the very beginning of the ceremony, its lead singer Elena North — struck a chord with rapper Djigan, asking him to “pass the award” the group “Fungi”, which became the winner in nomination “Start of the year.”


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However, in spite of the nomination, the musicians ignored the event and didn’t show up for award, therefore, the North said that invites for the “transfer” of the prize Dzhigan. In the opinion of the audience watching the ceremony, the choice fell on the popular leading rapper not just in March, the contractor presented a new song “Days and nights” that fans felt suspiciously similar to the song “Melts the ice” (the main hit “Mushrooms”).

Joke leading dzhigan clearly did not appreciate the musician went on stage and said that “would like to have its own rewards rather than send someone else” then disappeared backstage, and, according to “”, left the award.

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