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Party Rules failed in the elections of the French Senate

Партия Макрона провалилась на выборах Сената ФранцииThe overwhelming victory of the right.

In France on Sunday were partial elections to the Senate. Was renewed half of the members of the upper house of the national Parliament – 171 place of 348.

The election took place by indirect vote: participated in the so-called “great electors” from the local people’s representatives – mayors, councilors bodies, departmental and regional levels, only a little more than 76 thousand people.

A landslide victory, as expected, won a right-wing party the Republicans. Now she will have in the Senate 148 seats – five more than before.

Centrists, direct allies, “Republican”, maintained its presence in the upper house of Parliament. Their group consists of 42 (previously 43).

The second largest group of the Senate will be the socialists, not yet completely lost influence on the ground (72 senators).

The Pro-presidential movement “the Republic on the March” and it was presented in the Senate “defectors”, mostly senators socialists and partially independent, failed to build upon the momentum created by the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election and the parliamentary in the early summer, when his supporters have achieved an absolute majority in the National Assembly (360 seats out of 577). In their Senate group of 24 people (29).

Fiasco “makronisos” explain the fact that their movement was founded a year ago and participation in municipal and regional elections was not accepted. This means that their representatives, in contrast to traditional parties in local government was not. A number of measures of the current government in financial-economic sphere caused dissatisfaction on the ground.

Thus, the results of partial elections to the Senate of the Makron will not support to change the Constitution in the Congress of both chambers. In this case, any questions about changes to the basic law will be accepted after the referendum.

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