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Participant of “Dancing with the stars” refused to participate in the show

Участник "Танцев со звездами" отказался от участия в шоуThe reason was a more interesting proposition.

Host of “World inside out” and participant of the show “dancing with the stars 2017” Dmitry Komarov refused further participation in the project for the sake of Yuri Tkach and Ilona hammer.

In the seventh edition of the dance show in the risk zone was Sergey and Snezhana old wives, and Yuriy Tkach and Ilona Gvozdeva.

The pair performed “dancing for life”, and the judges chose, one of the participants leaves the parquet. So, the jury of the show decided to leave on “Dancing with the stars” family Babkin, respectively, to leave was Yuri Tkach, with his partner.

But suddenly on the floor appeared Dmitry Komarov and said that losing its place to the Weaver.

“I explained what was the mission of my arrival to the show. We are all afraid of what people will say and experts. And so we kill their dreams. I wanted to show that if you have support, you can. I say a big thank you to everyone who loved me and who hated thanks,” said the traveler.

Dmitry Komarov and Alexander Kucherenko performed on the seventh live the Paso Doble to the song Bill Haley & His Comets “Caravan Twist”.

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