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Participant of “Battle of psychics” published the horoscope for October

Участник "Битвы экстрасенсов" опубликовал гороскоп на октябрь Hayal Alekperov has shared his Outlook.

Twice winner of the Ukrainian “Battle of psychics,” Alekperov Hayal told what health problems may arise from the different signs of the zodiac.

Aries. Due to different experiences at work, the possible disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. To avoid trouble with the stomach, more relax. For example, often go for shopping or take care love.

Taurus. The inner experiences caused by self-criticism will lead to malfunctions of the genitourinary system. Remember, people close to you close, to listen and to help. Don’t hide from the world their problems and worries.

Gemini. In October, the stars promise to conquer new peaks, only it will have to be responsible. Excessive excitement 100% will lead to neurological problems and pain throughout the spine. So all ended well, tune in to good.

Cancers. Many plans can be disrupted due to certain events. The constant adjustment of tasks will lead to headaches, though in the literal sense and figurative. Get plenty of rest, engage in a favorite hobby.

Lions. Things may not flow as intended. It is quite normal, so do not perceive all close to heart. Otherwise, you will begin to “misbehave” heart problems with the cardiovascular system. To survive the stress vitamins and exercising.

Virgo. You have the most vulnerable point – the neck, particularly the throat. Problems possible because of “swallowing” of the offense and deterrence emotions. Cleanse yourself from the negative, discard the negative thoughts out of my head.

Libra. Cloudy autumn days will lead to melancholy and depression, which in turn will cause difficulties with the respiratory tract. Looking for sources of inspiration, which would fill your life with bright colors.

Scorpions. October time is a great time to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and exercise will strengthen the immune system and boost of energy that will help to achieve the desired.

Capricorns. In October will be a lot of controversial situations that can cause problems with joints and a skeleton on psychological grounds. If you’ll be worrying without cause, you will certainly begin to disturb arthritis, inflammation, etc.

Aquarians. In October of possible problems with the ears. We are talking about ear infections and inflammation, which are the result of being on the street in clothes are not in season. Unfortunately, Aquarians rarely listen to others, and get into trouble.

Fish. After serious quarrels Fish often turn in on themselves. As a result, skin problems and endocrine system on the background of numerous experiences. To avoid trouble, the psychic advises to say any more, lest be fraught with anger.

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