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“Part of the heritage must be sacrificed” to Demolish buildings in the center of Petersburg

«Частью наследия надо пожертвовать»: Снести здания в центре Петербурга

This proposal was made by the President of the “Shukhov tower” Vladimir Shukhov. The project will be discussed at the Cultural forum

The President of the Moscow Fund “Shukhov tower” Vladimir Shukhov (grandson of the famous Russian engineer) has prepared a draft of the demolition of historic buildings in the city center. About this initiative, he told the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”.

Shukhov explained that he loves the city, but recently the city is “falling apart”. “Some horror, all kind of dirty, covered with dust. The city became dead, dying and damaged,” he said. According to Shukhov, “a large part of the heritage of the so-called” need “to sacrifice”.

Their initiative, the expert explained that investors easier to build some new houses, than to engage in the restoration of historical buildings. In place of the demolished objects, he proposes to build a new: “glass and metal”.

Now the city 9 000 monuments of architecture, which are on the account. This figure is growing every day. No one is willing to invest in it money. Business is not interested. You say, “But I like it, I’m from St. Petersburg, I will not let anything break.” Let us so live. And then we budget money will not give. You all will die here without Moscow, without Moscow money

Your project Shukhov will present at the International cultural forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg from 14 to 16 November.

St. Petersburg residents often protest against the demolition of historic homes and significant buildings. The most recent scandal erupted around the CCM complex want to demolish and build in its place a new ice arena.

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