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Parrot “skimp” on Amazon for 14$, while the mistress was at work. Video

Попугай "скупился" в Amazon на 14$, пока хозяйка была на работе. ВидеоAn unusual incident occurred in England.

Parrot buddy was able to prove to her mistress that it was, if not good, then certainly a clever boy. The bird was able to activate the voice assistant Alexa with the speaker Amazon Echo and order a set of gilded gift boxes cost £ 10 (~$14).

A resident of London Corinne praetorius could not understand who the members of her family ordered a box. Neither her husband Ian, no eight year old son Yaden was not recognized in the passion for gift packaging. Believe that the custom-made parrot buddy, the woman could not immediately, but she simply did not have.

Buddy fun. We have a cat, and he copies.

In the future, Corrine was able to record the conversation of a parrot with speaker. The bird persistently calls out the word “Alex” and thus activates the voice assistant.

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