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Parisians want to ban tourists to rent apartments in the center

Парижане хотят запретить туристам арендовать квартиры в центреTourists allegedly displace local residents of the French capital.

A member of the Paris city Council, responsible for housing, declared that will propose to ban their rent through Airbnb and other web sites in the city centre, accusing the service in the displacement of residents from the French capital.

Ian Brossat told AFP that he also will seek to prohibit the purchase of secondary residences in Paris, saying that such measures are necessary for the city to become a “Museum under the open sky”.

“In one residence out of every four is no longer inhabited by Parisians,” said Brossat, which is expected to top the list of the Communist party in the elections to the European Parliament next year.

With 60 thousands of apartments offered in the city, Paris is the largest market for Airbnb, which like other platforms for sharing housing is under growing pressure from the cities, which claim that the service is to raise the rent for local residents.

“We want to see Paris was a city that can afford it the middle class or do we want it to be a platform for Saudi or American billionaires?” he said.

Brosset wants to prohibit short-term tourist rental of entire apartments in the first, second, third and fourth districts of Paris, where are located some of the world’s most popular attractions, including the Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre Museum.

“If we are not doing anything more will not be local residents. We will live in the Museum under the open sky”, – he added.

Brossat hopes that the measures will be included in the law on revision of laws on real estate in France, which will be discussed this fall.

The administration of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has already taken action against Airbnb and others, requiring homeowners to register at city hall, and limiting the rent of the apartment up to 120 nights per year.

Last month, the city announced that beginning in 2018 the total amount of fines for illegal tourist rental apartments in Paris amounted to 1380000 euros.

Such repression resonate with other hot tourist destinations, particularly Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin.

Last month, Airbnb has filed a lawsuit against the city of new York after he passed a law that makes home platform to disclose information about their owners. Airbnb believes that the city is lobbying the interests of the hotel owners.

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