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Paris Hilton gave good advice to girls about men

Пэрис Хилтон дала дельный совет девушкам относительно мужчинSocialite told what to look at in a potential partner.

In a new interview with Galore Magazine, the socialite Paris Hilton decided to share their life experiences. 36-year-old heiress of the Hilton told the right way to choose a mate.

“My best advice for girls in particular, who is now 20 years – respect yourself. Choose the guy who always wants what he cannot get. Even be confident, know that you deserve the best. And never let you to use,” said Hilton.
Commenting on his relationship with 32-year-old American actor Chris Silkou, the celebrity noted that immediately felt that it was her man.

“Our first date we spent at my house. We spent the night talking and “studied” each other. When we got to the first kiss, I felt some spark between us,” concluded Paris.

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