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Paris began to run unmanned buses

По Парижу начали курсировать беспилотные автобусыIn Paris launched two unmanned buses with electric motors.

The power of Paris has launched two unmanned mini-buses with electric engines.

At the moment, the project is considered experimental, but if successful, the city government is ready to continue to develop such vehicles.

“Both buses go along the short route between Gare de Lyon and station Austerlitz in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. They move through a dedicated line, where not serviced by other transport. Each of the bus resembles a small chest on wheels and can accommodate up to 12 people. It is equipped with laser range finders and numerous cameras mounted around the perimeter to prevent collision with people and machines. Buses there is not only the driver but pronounced front or back. Arriving to the destination, he can, not turning, immediately move backwards, like the cable car”, – is spoken in the message.

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Deputy Paris mayor Jean-Louis Missika told reporters that the unmanned transport will soon make a revolution in the world of urban transport and will completely change the lives of people in major cities.

In the future, the city government hopes to replace these buses and commuter trains that connect the small towns near Paris the metropolis. The results of the experiment will fail in three months.

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As you know, in recent years, several major automakers are building vehicles that can drive without driver assistance. On the streets of some cities it is already possible to see the car on autopilot.

Among the companies that hope to create a full-fledged self-driving car already until 2020, the German BMW and Volkswagen, American General Motors and Tesla, and the Korean company KIA.

The development of unmanned vehicles engaged in large IT companies, such as Apple and Google, as well as some taxi services, including Uber.

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