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Parents in trouble: in Kiev schools the teacher’s surge of aggression

Родители в тревоге: в киевских школах всплеск учительской агрессииAccording to the lawyers, cases of teacher’s terror quite a lot, but they rarely reach court.

In Kiev schools more and more teachers are taking out aggression on children. This “news” learned from parents, dozens of similar stories are discussed and in social networks. The problem is compounded by shortage of personnel. According to the Department of education administration, last year, quit almost every seventh teacher.

Before the court cases do not reach

Parents of schoolchildren of Kiev have been increasingly complaining about the aggressive behavior of teachers. They humiliate children and can even raise a hand. Complaints of teachers in social networks collect hundreds of comments. So, a post from Kiev Olena makeieva, whose son, a student of class 4, is repeatedly subjected to pressure from the teacher, collected 460 reviews. “The teacher tore up the notebook, shouted and brought the child to the tantrums. What to do?” — Elena writes, earlier it was reported that her son “spanked ass”, drove home for lunch money. Who supported the mother, and someone said that teachers could bring the children themselves.

But the case of teachers ‘ aggression towards students is not alone. Mother of two students from Svyatoshino Oksana Gordeeva told us about a math teacher that is aggressive towards children. “She’s in very advanced age, talking to yourself and hearing voices. Not a single child in the class does not understand what she herself says, and for that asks her, she flips out and puts two. And when her parents try to say about it, she replied: “Well, fire. I am for the job”. And in its place can not find one,” — says “Vesti” Oxana.

That children are morally suppressed, told the “news” a mother of a pupil of school №311 troyeschina. According to her, the teacher asked the children to write about their dreams regarding the future of the profession, and then began to impose the view that their plans are unrealistic. “The teacher held the children “a lecture”, the essence of which there was only one dream do not dream, you still will not achieve anything”, — said the mother.

Another mother of a younger boy from Podolsk district, shared that in their class of children who misbehave, the teacher carries on the Board face.

However, according to the lawyer of Ivan Liebermann, such cases rarely reach court. “As a rule, employees of the district are the peacemakers, and after promises to dismiss teachers parents calm down and take a statement from the police. Although the beatings, the teacher may obtain up to five years in prison,” — said the lawyer.
To work in the school are not going

The Department of education administration explain the problem in schools lack of teachers and large load. According to monitoring studies of the Kiev schools for the year 2016, every tenth teacher acknowledges that it has difficulties in relationships with parents.

Among the causes of conflict in school, every fourth teacher calls the low level of self-control some of his colleagues, and of 12.3% — lack of teaching abilities. In addition, last year the Kiev school retired 13% of teachers. From working every third teacher older than 50 years. As has told “news” the Director of the school # 313, Vladimir Petrovsky, graduates of the Kiev teachers College can not count: “I don’t know where they are going to work, but certainly not in schools.”

In such a situation, teachers are forced to take a large load. “In some schools, as far as I know, a math teacher instead of the three classes is forced to six. The school does not want to go to work for small salaries”, — says the head teacher of the school No. 168 Larisa Shevchuk.

By the way, on such subjects as physical education or work sometimes can’t find people. As Olga told Koricheva of Solomenskiy district, the class work for the boys in school are missing: “Our guys weave the beads together with the girls.”
One teacher for several subjects

Judging by available jobs on the website in Kiev took into consideration the experience of the villages to hire one teacher for several subjects simultaneously. So specialized school №114 looking for a “teacher of physics and Informatics” with a rate of 3500 UAH. And the school №170 involves teachers of English ability to work in part-time employment. However, the salary does not write.

According to the expert’s employment by Tatiana Pushkinoj, the idea of working at the school for the graduates of pedagogical die for another 3 year on the first practice: “When future teachers see that their potential students phones cost two or three of their future monthly salary of teachers, many are changing their plans for a career,” says Pashkina.

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