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Parasyuk came to “visit” to the activist with a Kalashnikov. Video

Парасюк пришёл в "гости" к активисту с автоматом Калашникова. ВидеоAn activist of the Shrine said that he was attacked by the MP Parasyuk with a gun.

The activist of “Road control” Andrey Dzindzya said that the extra fractional people’s Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk “crammed it in” with a Kalashnikov.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Also, the activist reported that the police arrived and he wrote the statement. Although this, according to him, there is no sense of “integrity.”

Also, the Shrine published a video of the incident on its Youtube channel.

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In the video, the MP accuses the activist that he is a liar and “framing guys”, talking about the smuggling across the railway. Parasyuk said that he “went to visit” to Jinze, but “that he was not allowed”.

Parasyuk-activist showed that the machine with which it came to him “has a number of documents”.

The comment of the activist that he wears it without the cover, Parasyuk said he just lost it and goes to look.

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“Not your concern, as I wear it. I lost the case. Going to look for case”, – concluded the Deputy.

Earlier, the Shrine accused the participants of the blockade of Donbass that they allegedly secretly miss loads on the uncontrolled territory and back. The Shrine has been repeatedly accused of carrying out the orders of the authorities to discredit its opponents.

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