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Paranormal endless

“Paranormal endless” – excellent could be the title of the broadcast channel TV-3 and Ren-Tv! But alas, it’s just a ridiculous pun, dedicated to domestic localizers.

But the thing is that the movie is “The Endless”that should be translated as “Infinite”, will be released in Russian film called “Paranormal”. Somewhere in here could be another piece of ernichane and grumbles from the Horror, but this time we will do without this “Paranormal” as “Paranormal”, to hell with him. The main thing that the cinema can reach the domestic screens, and in fact we noticed this movie in the spring. Because worked him over fans of Lovecraft, which was the praise from Guillermo Del Toro. Generally, this is a film about a cult, and we appreciate that.

In the center of the story two brothers, Aaron and Justin. After escaping from a cult many years ago, they barely make ends meet, and trying to leave the past behind. But once the brothers receive a mysterious message. All indicators – from their former “family”. Aaron insists that we need to come back and find out, and Justin reluctantly agrees. Once in place, Aaron quickly falls under the influence of Hal, the leader of the sect. Soon in the desert camp of the group begin to happen unexplained things, and the brothers realize that the strange supernatural beliefs of the cult are unfounded.

The Russian premiere of “Paranormal” is scheduled for April 26, 2018.

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