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Paragon has been recently updated

Paragon получила свежее обновлениеToday on servers Paragon was established large-scale update titled “Monolith”.

Fritupleynaya Paragon for PC and PlayStation 4, as we know, is still at the stage of open beta testing. However, setting the game to full release, the company Epic Games tries to do everything possible to accommodate the wishes of the players to MOBA and in any case did not bother.

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As a result, today the server was installed Paragon large-scale update titled “Monolith”, which, according to developers, brings into play the “many changes based on feedback and suggestions from players.”

In particular, Epic Games has added a new map, but more importantly, it has revised each of the characters multiplayer, but also increased the overall dynamic of the gameplay. How? Watch the video below and learn it yourself.

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