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Paparazzi caught Olivia Wilde in a swimsuit in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Actress and beauty Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde) celebrated Thanksgiving no where else but in Hawaii. Nice to live not forbid, but actually it was, it seems, is quite modest.

Yes, photographers pararatstsi took a few pictures of the wild on the Hawaiian beach, but Olivia was bathed in a fairly stiff closed swimsuit. Minus the makeup, retouch and photoshop – and we can see her for who she is in real life. And how do you like Olivia?

Fans of the horror genre may remember Olivia even in the film “Turistas” in 2006. In addition, she played a major role in the mystical horror film “the Lazarus Effect” (2015), appeared in the drama-Thriller “Blackbird” (2012), the fantasy “She” (2013) and several other notable projects.

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