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Pandemic – analysis of the conspiracy

Пандемия- аналитика заговора

I will talk to you about all your considerations.
Think about what to do to destroy the maximum number of people in the cities, immediately suggests the use of nuclear weapons. I studied the information on the susceptibility of the radius and the number of potential victims with the use of nuclear weapons and realized that globally, if the unseen bad forces interested in the results of millions, nuclear weapons, these results does not.

For example, in Hiroshima were detonated bombs. In Hiroshima killed 90 166 thousand in Nagasaki 60.
The use of nuclear weapons, this guys is very loud, it’s noisy, it’s expensive. If nuked, it will be clear where the planes flew in. It will complete

Maybe there’s some sort of mega bomb which can cover a city in say China? I turned to the history of the Tsar bomb. The Tsar bomb which caused the 60-ies, has a physical radius of 100 kilometers. I mean, imagine, even these bombs you need to drop 100 Grand to cover major Chinese cities and mow a lot of the population of 150 – 500 million.

If you create a synthetic virus that would have delayed the action in the form of incubation to a month or two, it can be assumed that the introduction of this virus in the middle of a big city WUHAN, will spread within two to three months, the virus everywhere in urban China.

And given the fact that these cities, transportation hubs and in each of these cities has an international airport, what happens next? After three or four months it quickly spreads all over the globe, what we now observe.

I have five stages of this operation. The first stage is called the lab – it consists of three stages. The first stage is the creation of the virus lures the fashion industry, with low, up to ten percent mortality and incubation period of 14 – 30 days, for maximum spread. This virus must have a complex biological code that he couldn’t hack in the first year of operation of the virus. He also has to have similar symptoms with the common cold, to inflame the plausibility of rumors for its rapid spread and the possibility to write off all the virus. There should be a specified antidote of the drug, in case of contamination concerned. the Virus must be simple, rapidly spreading airborne, this virus can be attributed to any cold. You have a cold, someone sneezed around the corner, we already think it’s a coronavirus, it is easier disease than the common cold in the world, it is the best disease in terms of fit her symptoms any disease.

Next, the second stage. Core virus disguised as a vaccine against the virus, the injection point distribution with maximum case fatality rate of up to 90 percent and an incubation period of 180 to 360 days. This drug in its composition must have the substance rapidly and completely removing the symptoms of the virus bait.

The new virus will not be passed by the CPSU airborne to control its distribution. Coronavirus is not the virus which is a biological weapon, the coronavirus is a common cold. Well publicized, which is used as bait to give people the need for some kind of antidote or inoculation. And this grafting in parallel in the second stage must be developed.
That is, it is disguised as injection of the virus bait, make a pseudo disease, say that this disease is dangerous – all lined up, give them the cure, all vaccinated of course is really a lethal virus with an incubation period of 180 to 360 days. This virus is disguised as a injection from a first virus, it should necessarily remove all symptoms of the corona virus. People should rejoice to say it’s all over, start talking to all your relatives and znakomym – all cool, all gone, in the analysis not detected this virus.

Through 180 – 360 days comes death.
SUCH WAS the case in the first world war. Half of Europe was vaccinated against typhoid and two years later died of the Spanish flu 100 million people.

The third stage – the creation of a unified agenda. In all the controlled media maximum injection of information by the manipulation of the facts of mortality. Viruses have always been in us, they are just now being discovered. Stuffing the idea of the need of isolation for people. In prison the main dream – freedom. Now we were all seated on the houses, we only think about freedom. It is the formation of sustainable, voluntary collective needs in the life-saving vaccine.

Stage 4.
The maximum delay time before the release of life-saving vaccines to cover the virus bait. After some time a message will appear in all media – the vaccine is released, it is tested, it is free and accessible to all.

Will show the video as it had been tested on mice, cats, dogs and all lost coronavirus. Do corona virus will be gone. Crowds of people voluntarily line up for voluntary vaccination.
First is compulsory vaccination of all members of the army, law enforcement structure.
There will probably be a forced vaccination, the responsibility for the failure. Here mark my words – the first one who will stand on the vaccination, it will be the police, all the security forces and the army.

Vaccination will be a point spread only where it is necessary to reduce the population.
The top will need an army, attendants, the labor force they will leave the estimated number of people for them to be released version of pure vaccine that will not contain a new deadly virus.
This vaccine will not be delivered there, where all the top production. Therefore, China is now recovering.

We stand foremost, in order for us pricked the type of answer you little harmless vaccine.

The fourth stage – flash type of mutated virus through the year and the correction of the world’s population. Worldwide start of death in 10,50 or 100 thousand people a day, I’m sure these figures take roughly for you to understand the General trend of what is happening. The bodies are not buried, burned by the thousands for fear of infection of sewage, the enemy again do not see the whole world in this situation. Even England where there is the management of this case, burns thousands of its citizens, not to fall under suspicion.

When you die 6 billion, then it is really going to press pause and fast all preview, the flash of this type, the mutated virus will not be transmitted by airborne droplets. Airborne they can kill all, it is illogical.

The fifth stage is the absorption of the territory to the invaders.
After the slaughter of the population, the remaining people recover and begin to rebuild the economy of their countries that take 5 to 10 years, I think not more than 10 years.
At this time England, the US is preparing a huge army to attack scorched biological weapons site. England makes the invitation to all countries to voluntarily unite into one state to simplify the control over the world. predlagaet a single government, single currency, common language.

dissent is captured all territories, most likely by referendum. the military way is probable, but illogical. Firstly a lot of destruction and there will be nobody to restore it, and secondly – a huge army against one of the division no one will go to war. In the end, all are not British in origin, are subservient to the British or eternal slaves.

What to do? To prepare. Share this. At least four friends so corona virus is distributed by formula 1 may be two, we have to be twice as fast because we’ve already lost time.

Putin certainly knows it all, but he alone will not be able to change what he can not openly oppose it, its just laughed at and swept away. He has enough enemies and traitors and in the near surroundings. Hope for you!

Valery Rozanov analyst


PS while typeset article – Denmark “in advance” has passed a law that allows the government to force citizens to receive a vaccine against coronavirus forcibly. It is noted that the emergency law gives the authorities broad powers to combat the pandemic COVID-19 and will run until March 2021.
At the same time, citizens who refuse to be tested for coronavirus, face fines or actual jail time. “Refuseniks” will not be allowed to enter the grocery and hardware stores, public institutions and hospitals, use of public transport and even taxis.
“Along with the strengthening of quarantine measures, the law also allows authorities to force people to get vaccinated, even if currently a vaccine for the coronavirus is absent”, – is reported on the portal of the government of Denmark. Professor of law at the University of Copenhagen, Jens Elo Ritter said the new measures were “definitely the most extreme since the Second world war.”
In the race to create a vaccine against coronavirus joined a pharmaceutical company with a world name. Some noted that they have “made progress” in their studies. In February, the representative of the world health organization said that the development of a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 will take at least 18 months.

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