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Pamela Voorhees is invisibly present in the game “Friday the 13th” (VIDEO)

Kill her, mommy! Kill it!

Friday the 13th: The Game obviously will be a real treat for fans of the killer in a hockey mask. Players will be able to try on his favorite images of Jason in the entire history of the cinematic franchise. Plus we are waiting for a brand new, hellish look, created by the Genius of blood — Tom Savini. He designed the scene of the murder, and that the slasher is generally the most important thing.

Kane Hodder, who plays Jason in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth “Friday the 13th” worked with motion capture technology to create a model of the character in the game. We are waiting with a maniacal love of the restored locations: the Camp Crystal lake and Packanack Lodge and Higgins haven, which became the site of action in the second and third films. The ability to put the good old traps. Is the music by Harry Manfredini in the end!

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And as if that wasn’t enough, so you’re tripping on nostalgia full, the game will be Pamela Voorhees herself!

And yet, as we are without a mommy? After all, she, her invisible spirit, serves as the primary motivator for Jason to climb every day of bed (often from the grave) and again start working. Anxious youth itself to pieces won’t kill, you know.

So, clearly Pamela, we hardly see (well, except for the mummified head), but the voice to hear we can. Actress Jane Burton have done a good job voicing this character. Discreet, loving mother who lost her son. But push her a little harder and see the madness.

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One of the authors of the game Wes Keltner here commented on the voice Jane Burton:

She said four words, and we all got the creeps.

The video below is a quick recording of the interrogation of Mrs. Voorhees. A scene written by Tom Maklaflin, the Creator of the sixth episode of the bloody epic. And you can measure the diligence of the actress in the restoration of the image created is still of Betsy Palmer in the very first “Friday.”

Meanwhile, Friday the 13th: The Game a co-op mode will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC is may 26, 2017! And in the summer expect a full single player mode.

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