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Pamela Anderson wants to leave the United States

Памела Андерсон хочет покинуть СШАPamela Anderson has unexpectedly announced that it is leaving the States

Unlike many colleagues in Hollywood who threatened to leave the United States if elected Donald trump for President, but never moved from the scene, Pamela Anderson suddenly announced that is leaving the States — though not for political reasons.

49-year-old Anderson said that he had decided to move from the US to Europe — and already looks for to itself a new home in one of the European capitals. Move to Europe Pamela called his “dream”, noting that in America it is almost nothing — most of her friends have long settled in France and the UK. That is why she Pamela Anderson is going to move from the States or to London or to Paris.

“It’s time for me to realize my longstanding dream to move to Europe. I am actively looking for an apartment in London or Paris,” said the actress.

One of the reasons why Pamela’s in Europe — social activity in the last few years, the actress devotes almost all his time. In addition, the Anderson children —20-year-old Brandon and 18-year-old Dylan — are old enough and unable to live without supervision a stellar mother.

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